12 Jan: Meetup WIW3 x APWine : DeFi for intermediary

Born during the famous DeFi Summer, 4 engineering students sought a solution to allow users to manage the volatility of yields: APWine. The founders will present the solution to this problem, the tokenization of DeFi returns.


8 Dec: Meetup WIW3 x Avalanche : Scale with Subnet

A general presentation of Avalanche followed by an interview format on the well-known Avalanche subnets with one of its contributors! Level: Intermediate

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23 Nov: Meetup Tezos WIW3 x Nomadic Labs

Nomadic Labs & Women in Web3 will present an deep overview of the famous Tezos Blockchain Level: Intermediate/Expert

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31 Oct: Meetup Governance WIW3 x Stake DAO

First international event๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น After a presentation on governance, its evolution and how it is at the heart of DeFi, WIW3 & Stake DAO will host a panel about the advantages & challenge of DAOs. Level: Expert

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16 Oct: PRAGMA Quantum & Blockchain

Will the dawn of quantum be the dusk of blockchain? Level: Intermediate

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13 Oct: Meetup DeFi WIW3 x Morpho Labs

What does Morpho Labs do? Why is everyone talking about DeFi ? How to get into DeFi ? What are the evolutions of DeFi compared to Traditional Finance ? Level: Intermediate

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6 Oct: BPI France x WIW3: Financial market, venture capital, impact: the crypto revolution

Big is the largest business gathering in Europe where more than 1000 entrepreneurs meet to understand the challenges of tomorrow and the tech trends. We sponsor this event to help you understand the irruption of the Web3 and more particularly the crypto revolution. Level: Beginner

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28 Sept : WIW3 x WIB Protocol transition from web2 to web3

Varied and relevant opinions on the theoretical, philosophical, technical and concrete differences between web2 and web3 that we propose you to live or relive. Between cybersecurity, accuracy or not of the term web3, advice for the future and vision of web3, these experts in their fields debated. Level: Beginner/Intermediate

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8 June : Introduction to Web3 with The Sandbox

KickOff Event of the association! Women from CoinHouse and Sandbox shared their own vision and advices on web3. Level: Beginner

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